Healing Voice Online Masterclass

Your voice is the most intimate and direct expression of your true self and the balance and health of a personality are reflected in the sound of its voice. This “vocal instrument”, like any other musical instrument, needs proper care, tuning and mastery.

When the entire body is actively involved in the production of sound, the level of presence, self-confidence and clarity is highly increased.

Your voice is directly connected with who you are, shaped by who you are but also capable of shaping who you are. You will learn techniques and exercises to achieve benefits such as:

  • Stress reduction
  • Deep relaxation
  • Increased mental stillness and clarity
  • Ability to massage your own body with sound
  • Extension of the vocal range
  • Increased stability of the voice with consequent improvement of expression and self-confidence
  • Expanded awareness of one’s own posture and alignment

My approach to vocal training is a unique blend of Eastern and Western wisdom and traditions.

Whether you work with your voice, for example as a singer, actor, teacher and you are interested in enriching your knowledge with some deep and focused bodywork or whether you practice yoga, meditation or some alternative healing art or you are simply someone who would like to explore the power of your own voice as a healing tool for yourself and others, this programme is for you.

This Online Masterclass will guide you through a deep exploration of your own voice from two points of view.

One is the understanding of the physiology of the voice and all the parts of the body involved in producing ans sustaining your sound. The other is the experience of how different sounds can affect different areas of the body and how they relate to the central channel of the body.

Sound can find its way through blockages created by stuck energies/emotions and restore the body’s natural field of resonance.

Breathing the Sounds into the spine will bring light to our potentials as self-healers and conscious beings, awakening the ability to resonate one’s entire body in a “self-sound massage” with remarkable stimulating effects.

This work is suitable for all those who want to explore their voice in a deep conscious way; for those who use their voice in their work (singers, actors, speakers, presenters, teachers); for practitioners of any form of yoga; for those who want to experience the energy of Creation within the sound of their voice; for healers, therapists and musicians.

The content of this online programme is also part of the Sound Therapy Practitioner Online Training.

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Your Instructor

Simone Vitale
Simone Vitale

Simone Vitale is a Sound Therapy Teacher & Practitioner and Visionary Musician with a background as a Sound Engineer and Music Producer.

Since 2002, he's been dedicated to the deepening of his understanding of the effects and healing potential of sound and music. He is now dedicating his work to promoting an ecology of sound where kindness and mindfulness are the keys to a deeper connection with ourselves and each other.

He holds a diploma in Integral Sound Healing with Tuning Forks (UK); a Vocal Yoga VY Teacher certificate (India).; a certificate of completion of the Healing Sounds course (Jonathan Goldman, US) and a HeartMath Practitioner certificate (HeartMath Institute, US)

Simone offers individual Sound Therapy Sessions, mainly based on the use of Tuning Forks and he teaches Level 1 and 2 Sound Therapy Training.

Simone’s musical creation is multifaceted and includes: healing music, music for pregnancy and birth, music of the plants, live music for yoga and movement, Kirtan and devotional singing and more.

Originally from Rome, Italy, Simone has been sharing his work with both Sound Healing and Music internationally in Italy, Germany, Finland, Estonia, France, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and New Zealand.


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  Thoracic Diaphragm
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