​How to use the videos and audios of the practice.

How to use the videos and audios of the practice.

First of all, please note that I have provided the bija mantra practice in two different keys: A and C#. We all have different voices and different registers. The main difference is obviously between men and women, but both amongst men and women there can be significant differences.I invite you to try out both keys and feel which one work better for you. After that you can either stick to that or change from time to time to have a different experience of the practice.

So the two Bija Mantra Practice versions are the same in everything except for the key.

You can use the videos to meditate on the symbol of each chakra. Alternatively, you can download the audio version and focus only on that.

There is one video/audio for each chakra. These are intended as a practice focused only on one chakra at a time. Each video/audio starts with my voice chanting the bija mantra a few times. after that my voice will fade and you can continue chanting on your own.

At the end you'll also find a "full practice" with the sequence of bija mantra for all the chakra, five times of each bija mantra.

Attached to this text you will also find two audio files containing the Tanpura, the background sound for the practice in both keys and 15 minutes long. You can use this tracks to practice the mantras in your own time without my guiding voice.

Of course, you can also practice the bija mantra without any background sound. I would encourage you to do that to notice the difference.

As you have read in the introduction, the 7th chakra, Sahasrara, traditionally has no sound. however, if you would like to practice a sound for this chakra, you can use AUM as for Ajna chakra. In the videos, I have included the AUM mantra combined with the symbol for Sahasrara should you want to practice the visualization of the symbol.

I hope you will enjoy the exploration and practice of these powerful sounds!


Simone Vitale